Religious Studies

    Where two or three are gathered I am there among them.

    Matthew 18:20

    The Religious Studies Department

    Religious Studies at The John Fisher School

    As a Catholic community RE is at the heart of all that we do and gospel values are reflected across the whole of the curriculum. RE is more than just an academic subject – it is also about students individual faith journeys and as such it is unique. Students at John Fisher enjoy their RE lessons and the spiritual and liturgical opportunities they are offered.

    • Mr E Galgey
    • Mr G Amankwah
    • Mr J Barry

    Key Stage 3

    All students at KS 3 follow The Way, The Truth, The Life as endorsed by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Assessment happen at the end of every unit/half term and there is also a mid unit assessment which the whole year group sit.

    Year 7 – The Way

    Term Area of Study
    1.1 1.2 The Word of God God’s Call 1.1 Key Words
    1.2 Key Words
    2.1 2.2 The Sacraments Sacraments of Healing 2.1 Overview
    2.2 Key Words
    3.1 3.2 Leadership in the Church The Church’s Mission 3.1 Key Words  

    Year 8 – The Truth

    Term Area of Study
    1.1 1.2 Creation Covenant 1.1 Key Words
    1.2 Key Words
    2.1 2.2 Exploring the Mass The Paschal Mystery 2.2 Key Words 1
    2.2 Key Words 2
    3.1 3.2 The Prophetic Role of the Church The Church in Britain 3.1 Key Words  

    Year 9 – The Life

    Term Area of Study
    1.1 Vocation 1.1 Key Words
    2.1 The Spiritual Quest (Islam) 2.1 Key Words 1
    2.1 Key Words 2
    3.1 Conscience 3.1 Key Words

    Key Stage 4

    All students in the year group are entered for the full course in Religious Studies. The exam board is EDEXCEL and we study Unit 10 in Year 10 (Roman Catholic Christianity) and Unit 3 in Year 11 (Religion and Life based on a study of Roman Catholic Christianity).

    Programme of study:

    Unit 3 (1.5 hour exam worth 50% of overall grade)

    Term Area of Study
    Believing in God
    Matters of Life and Death
    Key Words & Definitions
    Assess Your Learning
    Marriage and the Family
    Social Harmony
    3.1 Revision

    Unit 10 (1.5 hour exam worth 50% of overall grade)

    Term Area of Study
    1.1 1.2 Beliefs and Values Community and Tradition Key Words & Definitions
    2.1 2.2 Worship and Celebration Living the Christian Life
    3.1 Revision

    Useful Links for Unit 10

    Checklists for Unit 10 : 

    Unit 10.1    
    Unit 10.2    
    Unit 10.3    
    Unit 10.4 

    GCSE Past Papers and Mark Schemes 2010 - 2013 - NEW Jan 2015

    Key Stage 5

    The exam board is OCR and AS students study Philosophy of Religion (G571) and Religious Ethics (G572). At A2 students study Philosophy of Religion (G581) and Religious Ethics (G582). These units are worth 50% of the final grade. Mrs Englefield delivers all the Ethics units and Mr Hart delivers all the Philosophy of Religion units.

    General RE (KS 5)

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    Retreat Programme

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