We use Show My Homework (SMH), a programme that is embedded in the school web-site to allow students and parents/carers to access homework tasks.  This is a vehicle to communicate all homework with students and parents/carers efficiently and effectively. We expect all teachers to make full use of this resource.

    Homework should allow our students the opportunity to work on a range of tasks such as:

       • Continue the work of the classroom
       • Consolidation of learning
       • Reading
       • Practical tasks
       • Creative tasks
       • Preparation of future work through investigation
       • Using IT Oral practice (e.g. interviewing

    Students in Years 7 & 8
    should do tasks that take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


    Students in Year 9
    should do tasks that take up to 45 minutes to complete.


    Students in Years 10 & 11
    should do tasks that take at least 1 hour to complete.


    Sixth Form students should expect to do at least 3 hours per week per subject.

    Please refer to the Homework Policy for further details:

    Homework Policy

    Show My Homework