Student Testimonies

    I appreciate all the opportunities I have been provided with during my time at John Fisher.

    Charlie Crowe, Year 12.

    The school has taught me a lot and I have matured as a result of all the support.

    Jamaal Brown, Year 13.

    The John Fisher School has provided me with both academic and cultural experiences which I have benefitted from.

    Johannes Gerges, Year 12.

    The John Fisher School is a close knit community like a family. I have truly excelled here and I have become a well rounded person thanks to the staff. It has been an amazing experience.

    Ben Payne, Year 12.

    The John Fisher School is enjoyable and has provided me with structure. I have been very successful here.

    Ben Chappell, Year 12.

    The John Fisher School has been a life changing experience thanks to the fantastic and helpful staff.

    Josh Phillip, Year 13.